Thinking of new year that happen to me

2022.01.24 16:17 emyyywant Thinking of new year that happen to me

This is something that just came up to my mind
So on New Year’s Eve I was at a party with my friends and got gendered as a girl as I want but no one know that I am trans in that friend group felt really nice also they were joking about that I was one of the girls when I hang out in the party with them it was really nice and felt good
Thank u if u read this this was just something that happened to me and I just wanted to share❤️
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2022.01.24 16:17 Global_Shine3026 Join the Horny Place Discord Server!

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2022.01.24 16:17 SirMattzilla What did the tree say when it formed a symbolic relationship with a fungus?

I’m Lichen This.
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2022.01.24 16:17 SpookyGhostBean No, I don't think I want to

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2022.01.24 16:17 xXCodEX47Xx Galactic Ben's Four Arms (Cosmic Frontier)

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2022.01.24 16:17 Phippsy771 My immaginary girlfriend left me

She said she was stuck in my head
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2022.01.24 16:17 TankyMofo Ideas for Kenshi 2

Dynamic Faction War
Major factions will send soldiers to try and take over each other's settlement without player's input, but make it so that they will never completely take over other faction without player's help.
My idea for this is basically that settlements closer to the faction capital will have stronger security and soldiers, so let's say if Faction A is fighting Faction B, Faction A will send out soldiers from their furthest settlement, which would be the weakest level 1, to the closest Faction B settlement, which would also be their weakest level 1 security, so sometimes they win, sometimes they lose, but if Faction A successfully take over Faction B's settlement, and they want to take the next one, they will be sending level 1 soldiers, to Faction B's next settlement, which is level 2, on the other hand, Faction B will be sending level 2 soldiers to take back their former settlement. So it will just be a back and forth, unless the player actually helps one side.
While minor factions will just try to raid the nearest settlement that's not theirs.
Civilians And Soldiers
Civilians will not throw away their lives fighting soldiers, and soldiers will not kill civilians, only enemy soldiers.
Unless... Of course, you want to add some faction flavor with some patriotic civilians or cold-blooded soldiers.
NPCs in Player Built Settlements
NPCs can ask to move in to player built settlement, provided there are building in said settlement that meet their needs.
NPCs will do jobs you assigned to them for money, even building the blueprint you put on the map, traders/craftsmen will open shop if they have a building for it. And NPCs will either buy from each other, or from you, if you have your own shop set up, economy, yea!
NPCs might leave your settlement if their basic needs are not met.
You can also get some works to do, not exactly missions or quests, just more opportunity to earn more money in ways that are more immersive(?) and more varied than selling things to traders.
Traders could ask you to deliver items to other settlements, guard captain will pay you to clear out nearby raider camp or monster nest, traveling caravan could use some extra muscles to carry things or fight off bandits, you could be hired to cook food for money, help out in the farm, produce simple crafting components, which would also be a chance to up your respective skill level without having to have a craft bench. Kenshi doesn't have to be just about fighting.
And maybe more... I will see if I can remember what else I thought of.
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2022.01.24 16:17 witchworker runts at 2007 family reunion.

out the god facing window
lashed by sea salt,
two boys are splayed,
legs dangling off a dock;
pendulum swinging,
kissing barnacles gently,
covered in hickey-cuts.
fishing poles are straddled
and coca-cola is crushed,
as pretend cans of beer.
they lay arms wide,
feeling future hair
on sea stroked chests.
a laugh rings out
like the clap of a wave
and clouds roll as a boulder down a hill.
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2022.01.24 16:17 WWE_YuGiOh_Watson Large Samuel to Watford?

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2022.01.24 16:17 Cool_Boysenberry_832 Join discord to enter free nft giveaway!!

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2022.01.24 16:17 Magnum267 8 discs for sale! Used and penned but in great shape. Asking $130 for the lot. PM with any questions about the discs.

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2022.01.24 16:17 Drip04 QC first time buying from coco
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2022.01.24 16:17 cheetah4u Thoughts? M22

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2022.01.24 16:17 elliee18 Anyone get results from beauty krystalised’s ‘hot girl’ glow-up sub?

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2022.01.24 16:17 G1lgam3shh What are some nice bed frame recommendations?

Hello everyone,
I am currently in the process of moving to a rental unit in NY and it’s been a struggle for me to find the right bed frame.
I have picked the mattress for starters (leesa mattress , but now I’m looking for a decent bed frame to go with it.
Here is what I’m looking for: - budget: under $600 - style: minimalistic/modern with headboard - size: queen - material: preferably upholstered but any other recs also appreciated
I would really appreciate it if you could help me decide with which bed frame to go! Thank you in advance for your times :)
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2022.01.24 16:17 illustratious Keep getting calls and texts about a property?

I just got a new phone and number 7 months ago, occasionally I got a text or call looking for the old owner of my number, which I don't get anymore. However, there is one particular set of calls and texts I've been getting, they keep asking for info about a certain property which the person owned, I assume, but I can't find where they are still able to see this listing. A majority of them, if not all, are scams, because 90% of the texts say STOP to cancel, and the numbers I get calls from are disconnected after, I believe they are using VOIP. Also, when I answer a call, I usually ask where they saw the property online, to which they promptly hang up, which furthers my suspicions. It's so frustrating because I want to get these messages and calls resolved, but I can't find it anywhere, looking up the address only shows the listing as off market. Here is an example of the texts
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2022.01.24 16:17 TM_AerialAce Boosted regice will inv 10 add 0303 4673 3148

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2022.01.24 16:17 Revolutionary-Log179 Need help with names

Figure you Guys would be the best place for this, we recently started a custom rug making business, and are looking for names. We’d like for it to be a funny play-on-words using the word “tuft” since they’re tufted rugs. Toss some ideas at me. TIA
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2022.01.24 16:17 jm9987690 Dominic Cummings to Boris Johnson right now

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2022.01.24 16:17 constipatedbunny Leftover bits from a commercial deep fryer, mainly batter and grease from vegetable oil, good or bad for compost?

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2022.01.24 16:17 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Mississippi women get first AP women’s poll ranking in 15 years | Chicago Sun-Times

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2022.01.24 16:17 BritneyBeards It be like that sometimes

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2022.01.24 16:17 maaaatttt_Damon Holiday Hoarders - Ho Ho Ho Challenge not completing: Fix

I couldn't find anything about Ho Ho Ho on Paris' Holiday Hoarders refusing to complete. After a couple hours and trying a bunch of different ways of Accidental Kills, I found a way to complete.
I started in a normal 47 suite, I stole all 12 items Harry and Marv attempt to steal before them. I found and killed Santa at a spawn point (basement locker room) took his suit and waited for the wet bandits at the lion fountain where the two propane tanks are. I exploded them there, and finally the Ho Ho Ho challenge completed for me. If nothing else I hope this helps with a Google search in the future when someone's challenge won't complete.
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2022.01.24 16:17 kaput_dentist What language would you love to learn and why?

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2022.01.24 16:17 Ok_Asparagus_2677 Anyone had a revision surgery? [cam+pincer impingement, labral repair]

Hi all,
It's my understanding that revision surgeries are a rare occurrence (<5%?). I've had the cam+pincer resurfacing and labral repair done on both the left and right sides now. I just had a revision on the right because the labrum tore again [~18 months from the first surgery; I was pretty sure of this by ~12mo out]. I'm ~12mo from the left hip and it's honestly feeling like that's going to need a revision, too...
As far as I can tell, I have an amazing surgeon but this experience is really having me question it. Have any of you gone through a revision? Have they talked with you about the reasons why it could be needed?
I'm 30M, ~180lbs, quite active. I haven't been able to cycle now for ~2 years. It took a very long time for someone to diagnose me with FAI and I should've had this surgery done when I was 24. Now I'm two years into it and possibly looking at another 18+mo of dealing with it, and that's assuming it even resolves. :/
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