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Sneaky sneaky!

2021.12.03 13:40 Sonofkong Sneaky sneaky!

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2021.12.03 13:40 Zaypoon Prologue of the destruction swordsman check for destruction every turn?

Does it work like instant fusion? Or if I protect buster dragon from destruction once can I keep him?
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2021.12.03 13:40 CacekO What should i buy?

I am willing to spend a little on coc. Should i buy the season pass or the 3 dollar offer?
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2021.12.03 13:40 retorth Retrospective Reward
Dear Earth 2 Players,
We hope all is well. Details on the massive Earth 2 retrospective reward to all existing Earth 2 land owners, including 250,000,000 Essence, is here!
Please check out our latest announcement which contains these details and more!
Keep safe! Earth 2
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2021.12.03 13:40 SinFul-Tickle Berserker Flawless

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2021.12.03 13:40 External-Rise2310 JustaMinx Reacts to Electric Roller Skates - And buys them

JustaMinx Reacts to Electric Roller Skates - And buys them
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2021.12.03 13:40 Ok-Tower-935 I love this, but I have a feeling it’s going straight to 10th

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2021.12.03 13:40 fuktpotato Maybe they'll get to me by tomorrow?

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2021.12.03 13:40 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Science] - WHO says measures used against delta variant should work for omicron, too | Pgh Post-Gazette

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2021.12.03 13:40 SkitTrick They call him "The Iceman"

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2021.12.03 13:40 KnightofAmethyst [no spoilers] I love this show and I am

View Poll
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2021.12.03 13:40 mattxwest Infinite Shotgun Ammo & Overshield - A really fun Titan build for casual PVE content

G'day Guardians, last week I received overwhelmingly positive support for a thread about different Stronghold loadout options for Titan's beginning their journey into endgame content. I was extremely humbled by the 400+ upvotes, and the praise that came my way, that I wanted to share another loadout that's a lot of fun, but for easier content this time - as a token of appreciation for this wonderful community.
A little while ago, Bungie came down from the heavens and blessed us with infinite primary ammo, one of the greatest QOL changes to date. Although, when it comes to using our favourite special ammo weapons, we're still on a hunt for those yellow bricks from time to time. If you string this build together properly, you'll have yourself an endless supply for special ammo, an endless clip, and a constant overshield. Here's how~
No Backup Plans & Subclass:

I would suggest forgetting that Defensive Strike is proc'd through a melee traditionally, you'll want to rewire your brain for this build and remember that No BackUp Plans will trigger it with a shotgun kill. The overshield lasts for 20 seconds, and even though there’s absolutely no information anywhere about how much of an overshield it offers, it does feel pretty on par with the defensive and resist mods in the game right now. It is worth noting that this subclass will also give us the titan bubble for the super. The other perks include Rallying Force which allows melee kills to restore health, which I find we’re not doing because we’re primarily shotgunning everything, as well as Turn The Tide which extends our Defensive Strike to 20 seconds, from it’s initial 10 second duration (seems totally superfluous - hello Void 3.0 soon).
Weapons & Synergy: Now, this build can be painted as a shotgun build, but I want to note that the success of this build really does hinge on having a Comedian. Not just any roll of the Comedian, but one with Subsistence. You can get away with running other void shotguns like, The Decide, or Retrofuturist, I know there’s a couple more also, but if you are using these alternate shotguns, I’d be looking for perks like slideshot or wellspring to help offer similar synergy. Right now, The Comedian is the only shotgun in the game that can roll Subsistence, and boy it’s a game changer. Pairing it with this build, actually makes me want to main shotguns in PVE, because it literally refunds your bullet each time you get a kill, giving you an endless clip. If you think about it right now a shotgun with an endless clip, paired with an exotic armour piece that offers overshields for shotgun kills, has instant synergy. I thought the exact same thing when the idea sprung into my head but as soon as I went out and tested it, and I ran out of ammo immediately, and thought the build was a dud....until
Mods: Helmet - Void | Shotgun Ammo Finder & Extra Reserves Arms - Stasis | 2x Melee Kickstart & Elemental Charge Chest - Any Affinity | 1x Resist, Shotgun Reserves & Elemental Armaments Legs - Solar | Shotgun Scavenger, Innervation & Supercharged Class Item - Any Affinity | Special Finisher & Taking Charge -------------------------------------------- If you're interested in a nice ornament set & shader for this exotic, consider the following: Helmet: Crystocrene Helm Arms: Default No Backup Plans Chest: Sunstead Plate Legs: BrayTech Sn0Boots Mark: Sunstead Mark Shaders: Cryptic Legacy on Helmet & Abyssinian Gold on all other pieces
I want to say that the amount of testing that went into this was hours upon hours, and I’m really proud of this concoction of mods here. The first mod I want to cover is Elemental Armaments, meaning after a handful of kills with our Comedian, we’re making an elemental well. I have Elemental Charge, meaning we’re getting 2 stacks of charged with light each time we collect that well. On my mark, I have Taking Charge which gives us another way to generate charged with light stacks alongside our wells. And on my legs, I have Supercharged which will let us have 4 stacks of Charged With Light in Total. With the combination of orbs and elemental wells, we’ll usually have 4 stacks up fairly often, and quickly. Now with those 4 stacks of charged with light, Extra Reserves is going to come into play. I honestly forgot this mod’s unreal. When we’re charged with light and kill an enemy with void damage (so our comedian, our grenade, a void heavy gun etc) that kill has a chance of dropping special ammo, using all of our stacks of charged with light up.
The main takeaway here is that the more stacks you have, the higher chance of the ammo dropping. After some time in the lab, I found that having 4 stacks of charged with light will usually give me special ammo after no more, than about 2 kills. To assist with ammo economy, I had 1 Shotgun Ammo Finder on, Shotgun Reserves, and a shotgun scavenger on. I’m also rocking double Melee Kickstart mods which do work with No Back Up Plans and Defensive Strike, meaning once we get the initial shotgun kill to proc defensive strike, we’ll get an instant 30% refund on energy, helping us keep the overshield on cooldown. And lastly, a tried and tested way of getting special ammo, Special Finisher. Lucky for us, we can gauge how much damage we want to deal with a shotgun, and if you’re low on ammo, just take a few steps back before pulling the trigger. This will leave you a nice prime target to finish, helping fill up those reserves. Since our super is the titan bubble, it isn’t too bad to do this on cooldown, since we’re focusing on the shotgun gameplay.
Lab Notes & Rationale: Now I love seeing different variations of builds, and seeing people’s suggestions in the comments is always amazing, but I did want to share some of my lab notes and rationale that will hopefully save some of you some time when it comes to changing things around. When I initially started theory crafting the mods, I wanted to have Font of Might instead of Supercharged, so I could give the Comedian a nice damage buff. Since we’re forced into the void subclass, it seemed like a no brainer, but then I realised that shotguns usually 1 shot red bars and majors, most of the time, so the extra damage didn’t seem necessary. I also really wanted Quick Charge instead of Taking Charge but I didn’t like having to rapidly kill enemies to get my charged with light stacks AND I felt like I was generating more orbs with the Comedian, so Taking Charge helped string things together better.
At the end of the day, this string of infinite ammo will fall a part if you don’t replenish your 4 stacks of charged with light up ASAP. You can rely on your special ammo finisher in dire times, but with a fully charged super, that’s only 3 finishers before it’s not at your disposal anymore. So I do want to stress that the combination of mods I’ve mentioned are the most optimal in my opinion, but I’m always happy to hear feedback. The next bit of testing I did was that the trench barrel perk does NOT proc when defensive strike is with a shotgun kill - if it did, it would be hella busted though. Although good news if your Comedian is like mine, and did roll with Trench Barrel, you do only need to just melee an enemy which isn’t an issue since we’re up close and personal with a shotty. The god roll Comedian that you’d wanna chase is Subsistence/One for All, giving you that free damage buff. The last thing was the fact that Melee Kickstart actually works. I originally landed on using Heavy Handed, but it wouldn’t consume a stack of charged with light when procing defensive strike.
Stats: Now for stats, Strength, Resilience and Recovery don’t matter at all thanks to No Backup Plans feeding us an overshield, and our shotgun feeding our melee energy. So if you have some high statted armour to use for this build, I’d focus on intellect so your super regens faster for our special ammo finisher, or into something simple like Discipline for faster grenade uptime. At the end of the day, your stat distribution won’t make or break the build at all.
I hope you enjoy running around with an endless shotgun clip, infinite special ammo, and a constant overshield. To my Titans brethren's, we're getting dangerously close to being unkillable. Take it easy guardians!
If reading isn't your thing, feel free to see the video breakdown - here
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2021.12.03 13:40 sreeko1 I don't see any problem, it was the right leg.

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2021.12.03 13:40 lunacosplayer993 Selling AR 56 good account Europe

i'm selling of consider trading with other high end acc

5 star:
xiao C0
hutao C0
diluc C3
zhongli C0
ganyu C0
venti C0
keqing C0
childe C0
albedo C0
eula C0
qiqi C3
mona C0
4 star:
xingqi C6
ninnguang C6
diona C6
chungyung C5
razor C5
bennet C6
barbara C6
fichl C6
noelle C3
sucrose C4
kaeya C4
beidou C6
lisa C1
yanyan C1
amber C1
aloy C0
Sayu C0
rosaria C1
thoma C0
yanfei C0
5 star weapons:
staff of homa
vortex vanquisher
lost prayer of sacred winds
skyward blade
2x aquila favonia
almost all good characters are equipped with good artifact sets
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2021.12.03 13:40 cerebrite Ohma's Death

So what do you think about Ohma's upcoming death?
I mean he has to die in every series, right?
How, Where, When??
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2021.12.03 13:40 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Local] - Girl facing charges for threatening McKeesport, West Mifflin schools | Pgh Post-Gazette

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2021.12.03 13:40 RunTillYouPuke John Crewe: 600i's gold standard will be pretty close to a full rework

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2021.12.03 13:40 Twilight5809 St. Augustine interview

Hey guys!! I have an interview with st. Augustine’s miami campus this upcoming Wednesday. Has anyone interviewed with them before and know what it’s like? Thanks!
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2021.12.03 13:40 slikwill13 Super Cool New NFT Project!

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2021.12.03 13:40 RemarkableQuail6606 major problem

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2021.12.03 13:40 Real-Principle1972 Longest City Road Tunnel in Europe - Blanka Tunnel / Tunel Blanka

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2021.12.03 13:40 d4rk_matt3r I'm sure this gets posted often, but I am watching through Atlantis for the first time and I just saw "The Shrine"

I just wanted to say, what an episode. I wasn't ready for it. Dave Hewlett's acting is fantastic, too. Wasn't expecting to feel things on a Friday morning.
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2021.12.03 13:40 serendib My entire C++ Game Programming course is now available online for free. Make your own 2D game engine from scratch using ECS

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2021.12.03 13:40 negative_spaces_ What’s your craziest “this isn’t gonna end well” story? how did it turn out?

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2021.12.03 13:40 Professional-Beat852 Dumb question about SILV

So I'm all locked up and staked my ILV. Looking at taking out some SILV for the land sale. But how do we measure the price of it? Is it a % of ILV and therefore goes up and down. I know this is likely basic stuff. Thanks in advance.
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