Deep Forest Raceway returns to Gran Turismo 7 on March 4.

2021.12.03 14:03 Turbostrider27 Deep Forest Raceway returns to Gran Turismo 7 on March 4.

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2021.12.03 14:03 Sitting_duck_friend My first fanart of robert idk plz see this!

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2021.12.03 14:03 GerikBensing Rebuilding Transmission (44RE in 98 Durango) - Questions on What I'm Seeing Inside

I'm rebuilding my '98 Durango's transmission (44RE) due to a loud whirring in 4th (Overdrive) gear and a leaking rear seal. Also started to shift poorly. Has 250k miles on it and was rebuilt once by the cheapest shop I could find around 40k miles ago for a messed up OD (I towed a heavy load for a couple thousand miles with OD on... which I knew I shouldn't have been doing).
Now I'm trying to fix it myself and have it all apart and found some obvious problems and then items I am not sure about, so I'm hoping someone more knowledgeable on what parts should look like can help. I have a link below to take you to a bunch of images of what I'm seeing. I found the rear ball bearing was shot in the OD section, so likely that's the main problem there. Haven't touched the valve bodies yet.
Any other advice on what I should be looking for would be appreciated.
Particular questions... 1.) Driving Shell has worn in spots where it interfaces with front clutch. I assume this needs to be replaced. What can cause this? What kinds of symptoms would be expected from this? 2.) Rear planetary gear has unusual grooves (to me) at outer tooth surface and meshing faces are shiny. Normal, unimportant, or indicates needing replacement? 3.) Missing torque converter dust cover - do I need to find a replacement or does it not really matter? 4.) Are the bushings in need of replacement? 5.) The amount of shavings I'm finding - to be expected or does it indicate bigger issues?
I can grab more photos for whoever wants to see anything else.
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2021.12.03 14:03 BMismo 9077 2248 5028 9111 1401 6676

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2021.12.03 14:03 DaddysKitten4270 πŸŒ• Orbit Token 🚨 NFT Moon Plot MetaVerse Airdrop GIVEAWAY! πŸ“ | βœ… CMC & Coin Gecko βœ… | πŸ“ Ownership Renounced πŸ“ | πŸ”’ LP Locked 1 Year πŸ”’ | ⭐ ONLY $1m MC ⭐

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🚨 7 Moonplot NFT Airdrops weekly for holders holding at least 1BNB worth for at least a week.
🚨 NFT Marketplace COMING SOON!
πŸ”’ LP Locked: πŸ“Ownership Renounced
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All you need to do is: πŸš€ be a member of the TG: πŸš€ invite 10 new members πŸš€ Be an $ORBIT holder πŸš€ Shill on Twitter (use: #1stonthemoon #orbit #moon #BNB #BSCgems #BSC #DeFi #Airdrop #Giveaway #NTF)
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2021.12.03 14:03 Aggravating-Coffee98 Blon bl03 vs tripowin tc01 vs tripowin mele

I bought the aria and the blon bl03 and I think about cancelling my order for the blon and getting one of those instead
The blon cost me $19 the tc01 is $38 and the mele $47
Which is better? Which is better for me if I bought yhe aria? And does it worth the extra $20-$30?
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2021.12.03 14:03 tubaman23 Reinvestment Type on Computershare - Full reinvestment or Terminate Plan?

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2021.12.03 14:03 AlphaHydri At Last, the Eisenberg | Star Trek Online

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2021.12.03 14:03 knarglegarth Very awkward moment on the course yesterday.

A bit of background real quick for this:
This takes place on a par 3 course. It's not a nice course. It's a small, farm-town par 3 course. The kind where guys all have whiskey in their bags, there's constantly music playing, guys drive golf carts and park them right by the green -- generally just really laid back.
We have a steady group of 12-15 guys who play there frequently and in the summer, that number can swell to 40+.
We were playing yesterday in a 5v5 match (keep 3 scores). My group was first to tee off, so we finished first in our 9 hole match. We finished the 9 hole match and the group behind us (one particularly slow golfer who is relevant later) was two holes behind. We went on to play the 10th for fun and then came back to sit behind the 9th green and wait for them.
While they were coming up and playing the 9th, I was about 5-60 yards away and hit 2 golf balls back into the driving range, which butts up against the 10th hole.
I did fuck up and blade one into a picker that they leave out there and it made a loud noise. I immediately turned around and said sorry and then just stood around for a minute or two. The noise was loud and it did happen as one guy was setting up to hit a chip shot. He regrouped and hit it to 2 feet.
I then grabbed a different iron and just started gathering up some balls, maybe 4-5. I was walking around a small area, picking up golf balls when the slow golfer (let's call him Jake) yelled out and asked if I was done hitting golf balls. I hadn't hit one after hitting the picker. I told him I was just gathering balls.
So, as I was standing there, he went on to duff a chip and then 2-putt. They lost the match by 2. As they started walking off the green, I went ahead and hit 4 more balls back into the range, which he responded to by yelling "there's a driving range for that you piece of shit motherfucker!"
I just ignored it for a few minutes and we gathered up our carts to settle up on money. I then stood up and apologized to his entire team, stating that it wasn't my intention to distract them and that going forward, if I want to hit golf balls, I'll just go play a different hole while waiting on them to finish. I offered to give them back their money.
Every man on his team said it wasn't a big deal and that it didn't distract them. Jake was still angry. When we discussed playing 9 more holes, he made it clear he wouldn't play if he and I were on the same team.
We kept our same groups and played another 9. We won that 9 as well. After the round, I apologized to everyone again. Everyone said it's really not a big deal and there's nothing to worry about. Jake started to drive off when I stopped him and apologized again, and he just drove off in his cart.
Incredibly, incredibly awkward as this guy is considered one of the "foundational" guys in the group and he's always there when we play. I'm not really sure what else I could have done to resolve the situation?
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2021.12.03 14:03 AutoCrosspostBot Human Development Index 1990-2019

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2021.12.03 14:03 PortuondoW L & R spoiler # 2 🀩

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2021.12.03 14:03 NexoFinance Dispatch #64: The Inevitability of Web 3.0

In this patch of your weekly Dispatch:
πŸ”ΉSquare changes its name to Block πŸ”ΉNexo launches 0% APR credit lines, invests in 1inch πŸ”ΉFidelity announces a Bitcoin spot Canada The complete stories and more on our blog: Dispatch #64: The Inevitability of Web 3.0
Dispatch #64: The Inevitability of Web 3.0
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2021.12.03 14:03 CalmOfSea Returning item to Amazon Germany

Hi. I bought a keyboard that I now want to return from Amazon de.
Even though the item is sold by "Amazon de" the only available option is "Ill send and pay" with Amazon only covering €11 of postage.
Has anyone returned an item to Amazon Germany before? How did you go about doing that? For a large box (47x38x12) what would be the cheapest option?
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2021.12.03 14:03 Slaughtercamp Working on a card concept, waiting for the art to be finished by a friend but here is the rest for now!

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2021.12.03 14:03 akelloglight9 Akello G Light - Letter to Tiya Caniel (Instrumental Hip Hop | Chill Beats | Lofi Hiphop)

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2021.12.03 14:03 anonymouslywilde [Serious] What do you do to acknowledge and heal your inner child?

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2021.12.03 14:03 stressedbutkindacute Need help for a project!

Hey y’all I’m making a CTK TCAP bingo game! Comment some of your favorite quotes from the show!!!! πŸ–€
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2021.12.03 14:03 CuHHRayzWuhERmz Xbox 360 controllers question.

I was wanting to know if anyone that had a dock if they can plug up a wired Xbox 360 controller, more preferably a 360 adapter to connect my wireless 360 Guitar hero guitars too. I was wondering if it worked before I go and buy a dock for the google tv.
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2021.12.03 14:03 Rafael3223 Today is exactly 6 weeks since I randomly found out about top drives on Reddit . This is my progress ( Questions in comments ) :

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2021.12.03 14:03 Fit-Tough-4922 Private investigator here, ask me anything

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2021.12.03 14:03 bhenchodify Genius Certified

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2021.12.03 14:03 LightningScarlett 19F - [Chat] Anyone from anywhere πŸ’–

I’m low-key sick today so I really don’t have much better to do than chat with some of y’all~ As a warning, I’m bi af and I can get flirty ❀️
I’m from the UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ but I’m happy to talk with anyone, it’s super interesting to hear about so many other places
I do prefer talking to people close to my age but y’know that’s whatever
Please don’t be homophobic or anything cause that wouldn’t be nice πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’–
Anyways I’m gonna stop rambling before my ill brain says something ridiculous
Hope to hear from you soon πŸ’•
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2021.12.03 14:03 Redcapekid Zerry and No One

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2021.12.03 14:03 OsakaPrince Scorpio and Aquarius

How is this pairing? In terms of compatability, friendship, attraction?
I believe there is a lot of attraction that's there and I believe there is scope for a good relationship too but I have seen too many folks dismiss this pairing. I would really like to know why scorpio+aquarius works as well as doesnt
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2021.12.03 14:03 ThatGamerGuy_12 Epilogue

Do I get my perfect carcasses back after the end?
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