How would you make it so the mouse sticks to a grid?

2021.12.03 13:52 thenerdygeek135_real How would you make it so the mouse sticks to a grid?

Let's say you have a mouse, and when the player moves the mouse it only moves on a grid not smoothly.
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2021.12.03 13:52 No-Tumbleweed4775 Find it odd many of the physicians I work with mention God(s) and supernaturalism during meetings.

I work in a hospital and attend daily meetings with other medical professionals to review patient care and their medical course.
I have been in situations where doctors have asked the psychologist present at the meeting how they treat demonic possession in patients with psychiatric illnesses.
I have heard physicians mention how patients are going to Heaven once they die.
I have heard physicians talk about Jesus’s miracles and almost creationist-like language.
I find this incredibly peculiar as these comments are coming from highly education persons.
I broke through the deceit of all elements of supernaturalism during graduate school and after reading the Bible word for word myself. Learning and understanding evolution was likely the last thing to seal the deal for me regarding any probability of a deity’s existence. And my life has been enriched by all the knowledge and understanding I have gained from this.
I just don’t understand how highly education adults haven’t done the same.
Curious on the thoughts of this to help me understand. Thank you.
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2021.12.03 13:52 Curples Trying to fill this 20 hours of free time any suggestions?

Trying to fill this 20 hours of free time any suggestions? Recently single because of runescape. now I don't have to worry about distractions.
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2021.12.03 13:52 Express_Arugula387 First Portfolio Started Investing Today Looking For Safe Long Term Gains. I have about $2,000 in. How’s it look?

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2021.12.03 13:52 sugawarock The title is His Secret Hobby— I would like to know where to read the official English translation? Or the the KR raw? Thank you.

The title is His Secret Hobby— I would like to know where to read the official English translation? Or the the KR raw? Thank you. submitted by sugawarock to manhwa [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 13:52 rezaursoton আলো সূর্যের হোক কিংবা আশার, দুটোই জীবনের অন্ধকার মুছে ফেলে 💙 📱: Samsung A51

আলো সূর্যের হোক কিংবা আশার, দুটোই জীবনের অন্ধকার মুছে ফেলে 💙 📱: Samsung A51 submitted by rezaursoton to Magic_Wand [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 13:52 Aegis381 Trouble deciding

Hey, I’m between the Nubia RedMagic 6S Pro and the ASUS Rog Phone 5 Ultimate currently. I was sold on the latter until I started seeing how fragile it apparently is, and looked into the RedMagic, and was almost convinced until I saw the complaints about the software being glitchy with no fixes, and not being able to change the launcher you use.
Anyone have opinions on these phones? I’m looking for a gaming phone with a neat design, great specs, and trigger buttons like these two have, feel free to drop recommendations if you know of anything else, thanks!
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2021.12.03 13:52 pinxfoxx Hi everyone I just posted a new episode of my webtoon Witchy Life. It is a short slice of life, a little bit comedy webtoon about a witch named Morgan. If that sounds good to you, check it out. Hope you like it :)

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2021.12.03 13:52 Takagixu 211204 IVE Twitter Update with Wonyoung

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2021.12.03 13:52 dhiadhoo [question] guys what's going on all my downloaded videos are now loked and it asks me to buy YouTube premium fyi it was all good 5 hours ago

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2021.12.03 13:52 LogosProxy17 ".....and Shinji...take care of Asuka. She needs you too. Remember your stronger together.' *Push*

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2021.12.03 13:52 baelie02 Nightmares

So my friend has really bad nightmares almost every single night, would there possibly be anything I could do to help at least lessen them a bit? Thanks :)
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2021.12.03 13:52 Ch4de_ Opinions on Kayle?

I find her to be very enjoyable! Other than on other lategame carrys like Vayne or Master Yi you really FEEL the ascension. The farming to get some cool stuff really pays off on her not only power wise but also feeling wise.
I will for sure play her a bit more, especially with runaans she is sick!
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2021.12.03 13:52 ogkicksme gucci gg supreme shoulder bag

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2021.12.03 13:52 Pretend_Fly_5573 Episode 5 Detailed Breakdown

Once again I feel a dire need to express myself over the new episode... Forgive me if this is nothing new to anyone reading this, but I just feel a dire need to let out the grief I'm feeling, much like Lan. (ugh)
I'll be doing through things scene-by-scene, so hella spoilers here.
And this will be something of very long-winded breakdown, but whatever!

Opening Scene: Funeral for the battle-fallen Why is Alanna wearing face-paint and crying, then singing? The green Ajah, the "Battle Ajah", and this is how she handles the aftermath of a battle?
Also, those graves seem exceptionally shallow. Now you might think, "Well, they're in the middle of a field after a battle, they didn't take the time to dig proper graves!" but then as the camera later zooms out, we see the graves are in perfect concentric circles. So they didn't have time to dig a proper grave for the fallen, AT LEAST for the Aes Sedai, but they took time to plan out a perfectly circular gravesite with precise, even spacing between these shallow graves?
And let's not forget a candle in a jar for each and every one! In a world where glass has actual value and candles are quite important, let's use one of each for every corpse? And good thing we had enough lying around for everyone who died!
Right off the bat, we're off to a really bad start with writing that doesn't make any actual sense for the world in which it's set...

Riding to the Tower No real complaints here, why in the hell didn't you just open with this? It shows Stepin being sad, survivable dialogue, establishes some solid lore. All around time well spent. Nothing wrong with it at all, that entire opening could've been cut!

Mat and Rand Traveling Liking Mat's clear deterioration, good establishing shot of the city and Dragonmount.
Progression through the streets is solid, however the sense of wonder is totally lost. Tar Valon is supposed to be one of if not the greatest city, but that entire concept is lost on the audience. It was never properly established that the characters had never seen a city remotely approaching this magnitude before, so in the end it just feels like another set piece, not the amazing but chaotic respite it's supposed to be.
Rand comments that a night here is more expensive than a month at the Winespring Inn. Okay, so how in the FUCK ARE YOU PAYING FOR IT?! It's been a MONTH of traveling and somehow they still have this much coin left on them? HOW?!?
Get a dash more of pessimistic Mat, which is fine. But I can't help but think how much more effective this would be if he wasn't trashy to start with. Imagine if they had stuck with the book background for Mat? A respectable family, clean-shaven young man who likes to joke around and cause light-hearted trouble. Now, clothed in rags, unshaven, unkempt scruffy hair, and no light-heartedness about him at all. Unfortunately though, since we started with that, the deterioration isn't anywhere near what it should be.

Moiranne and Nynaeve's Talk Eh, not bad. Not great either, but it was tolerable as it helped established Nynaeve.

Tinkers and Whitecloaks Feels a bit too coincidental, to bump in to the same group of Whitecloaks again, who last we say was traveling in the other direction but now is ahead of them, but whatever. Overall this scene started off ok and I found it pretty decent. Although the Whitecloaks are played up a bit too "evil", just randomly beating Tinkers for really no reason. They weren't the nicest people in the books by any means, but this felt a little much. Oh well, it's still tolerable.

Rand meets Loial Against all expectation, Loial wasn't actually half bad. Yes, he's a bit on the small side, especially in regards to height. But let's be real, depicting it properly would've been more than a little difficult, especially for scenes yet to come. Yes we all know, things like forced perspective can be done, but that would get more than a little taxing later on, so I'm willing to cut them some slack. And yes, the hair is just bad. But whatever, I'll get over that.
Loial himself was a bit of a fast talker and honestly seemed about as hasty as Rand. Perhaps if they had only shaved off a few minutes elsewhere, they could've given him some time to breathe properly...

Logain's Procession We get to see a quick shot of Fain skulking around, this is nice. I was worried about him not paying offi.
With Logain focusing on Mat instead of Rand... they're still trying to do this "Who is the Dragon?!" crap, and it seems like it wasn't even real? Who knows, felt like they may as well have skipped that part, it was so pointless.
Mat's concern about what if he could channel, I actually kinda liked that. I really do feel like Barney is solid with Mat. Of course, this version of Mat isn't really like Mat at all, but that doesn't change the fact that the actor's portrayal is solid with what he has to work with.

Stepin and the Funeral
Of course, Steppin's father was abusive and he hated him. And then of course the other Warder states his father tried to kill him at 12. Because, as we all know, most fathers are violent, abusive, evil people... And awww, Lan is starting to cry! He's so sensitive!
And then more crying and "Feel sad now!" crap.
In the end we spend 5 minutes on this scene of everyone being teary-eyed and talking about their abuse. Melting down the ring was the only redeemable moment of the scene.
And then more Lan being sad-Warder. For fuck's sake, this dude is an emotional wreck.
The entire scene wasn't a terrible idea, but it was a trainwreck in terms of execution.

Whitecloak Camp Open with Egwene being stripped and washed. Ok, this is weird but also it's kind of uncomfortable and unsettling, and I actually sorta dig it. Although clearly they wanted to go with a rapey vibe, which ehhh, whatever. The idea of Egwene and Perrin being forcibly stripped an-
Oh, nevermind, it was only for Egwene... They didn't touch Perrin. Sooo, this actually had nothing to do with anything other than just "whitecloak men sexually assault women, so evil!!". God damnit... You almost had something decent there, Rafe.
Valda eating again? What's with making him eat while being evil? Seems honestly weird at this point.
Now, this next part is baffling... Valda establishes that no, Aes Sedai don't need hands to channel. So then why does he make the threat of taking Egwene's hands? And, more importantly, HOW DID HE BURN AN AES SEDAI AT THE STAKE?! If taking her hands doesn't actually do anything, how in the fuck did he pull this off in the first place?! And WHY DO IT?
Valda proclaims he knows she can touch the one power... And how is that, exactly? Egwene's answer is actually a solid one too, she can't channel and a man of the light wouldn't just kill an innocent girl for no reason. And yes, there's NO REASON for Valda to threaten her like this.
"And what makes you think I'm a man who stays true to his oaths?", is Valda's response. Really? REALLY? THAT'S what we're gonna go with here? Ugh... So hammy.
Then Egwene goes all "STRONG WUHMUN!!" because why not?
We then get some Perrin torture because Whitecloaks so evil! But again, he HAS NO REASON TO DO ANY OF THIS!
In the books, Perrin's rough treatment was because he was in the company of wolves, which Whitecloaks believe to be agents of the Shadow, and he KILLED WHITECLOAKS! He MURDERED PEOPLE. This time around, they've done literally nothing, and Valda has no reason whatosever to believe this girl travelling with a noblewoman, and now with tinkers, is an Aes Sedai. It makes no god damn sense. Plus the hands bit just opens up a plot hole.
Could've been a great scene, ended up being a disaster, yet again.

Stepin, Liandrin and Nynaeve Ok, this is actually ok. Not too long, and establishes that Nynaeve has a proper caring and sensitive side for people's struggles. Also shows her utility with herbs. I'll take it.
Now she talks with Liandrin... Not sure if it's just me, but this felt like it added absolutely nothing, whatsoever. Also Liandrin talking about men holding power over women in this world is just laughable. Normally this could be written off as just a Red sister being a Red, but since nobody has ever spoken an alternative viewpoint and we've seen men being total garbage like Mat's father and the Whitecloaks, it really does try to come off this way.
So once again, a scene that could've worked fine but turned into crap by the end of it.

Nynaeve's Reunion Ok, that felt very sudden of a jump... If only they could cut some dead-weight to give these key moments room!
Otherwise this scene was pretty solid. Got the Nynaeve history of her first accidently channeling, felt solid. Although the "She's unbreakable" line at the finish felt kinda cringe, not gonna lie.

Wolves Attack Perrin finally gets it out about his wife. Totally works, and the actor is doing a pretty good job in the role with the emotion. So far, so good!
Now back to the over-kill level of evil... WHYYY is Valda trying to force Egwene to channel?! If she can channel effectively, she could kill him with ease, and absolutely silently at that! He has NO IDEA her level of ability, he has no way to know all she can do is a tiny little poof of flame. For all he knows, she could reduce him to ash where he stands. So why would he continually goad her? It makes no sense at all!
And then it all really falls apart...
Valda, an experienced Questioner, in an armed camp, can only stand and gawk and squeak out "Light protect me!" when his captive breaks lose? After he just spent this whole time trying to force Egwene to channel, somehow he's completely dumbfounded by this turn of events?!
And then he follows it up with "What are you?!", which NO WHITECLOAK WOULD EVER SAY! The obvious assumption would be he's SHADOWSPAWN!
And then, the icing on the idiot cake: HE DROPS THE FUCKING KNIFE!!
When I first watched this, I thought Egwene had channeled it away from him. But re-watching it, nope! Nothing! Nobody touched him, nobody channeled at him, he simply DROPPED HIS WEAPON IN FEAR!
The rest of the scene with the wolves is serviceable, but the journey to get there was mind-numbingly stupid.

Bedroom Conversations I felt the Forsaken shrine to ward them off was kinda dumb and really didn't need to be there. But whatever, I'm pretty neutral on that part overall, it just feels like more time spent on things we don't need and could be better spent elsewhere.
The Alanna and Moiraine part felt like it didn't add a ton, but it did make the characters feels a bit more fleshed out, so not bad.
Lan and Stepin's conversation was a bit worse... It added little except making everyone all weepy, YET AGAIN. Them having a conversation together and Lan supporting his friend isn't the issue, it's the fact that they talk about virtually nothing of substance, other than Stepin saying there's a first time for everything in regards to getting butt-fucked by 2 warders, because HEY, INCLUSIVITY!
Lan wakes to find he's been drugged and Stepin killed himself. This part, I actually really liked. Lan putting his hand on Stepin's shoulder as we move out would've been a solid, poignant finish to the episode. Rework the prior conversation to actually have some meaning other then slumber-party talk and this really could've hit hard and an abrupt cut out would leave the audience feeling the full effects of it.
But instead...

Funeral of Cringe The wader who killed himself, which frankly IS EXPECTED TO HAPPEN to a Warder who loses their Aes Sedai, is vastly more dramatic and emotional than the Aes Sedai's funeral in the first place! Here we get the best of the best, the strongest of the strong Warders, king to a dead nation, screaming and crying like a hormonal teenager.
Fuck me running, this was just BAD.
I've seen in the main subs that this is a tribute to a particular Asian custom of funeral where you're expected to convey and release all emotion you're feeling, and that the show was, I shit you not, TOO SUBTLE IN SHOWING THIS! There was nothing subtle about this scene. And we don't need tributes to real-world cultures! This isn't the real world! This is its OWN CULTURE and its OWN WORLD and there's absolutely zero need to add in real-world ceremonies where they don't fit for the sake of "inclusivity".
Which leads me all to my closing thoughts...

Masturbatory Writing This whole time I couldn't quite figure out what was wrong with this show exactly. Like, I knew what it was, but I couldn't quite describe it. Now I know that description would be "masturbatory writing". It's writing for the sake of pleasing the writers, putting in scenes and lines so the writers can feel good about themselves, not for the sake of the art itself.
I'm not going to do like so many and say the writers haven't read the books. I'm confident they have, multiple times. Not knowing the story isn't the problem.
The problem is they don't care. If they make a show that's based entirely off the books, they won't feel like it's THEIR show, it still feels like Robert Jordan's work. So, things have to be changed to make the writing team feel like THEY own this show, and they can pat themselves on the back and say "Look how progressive, how inclusive, how GREAT THIS IS! We are good people for doing this!".
Creating an accurate adaptation wouldn't allow them to have the same self-congratulatory feelings.

All in all, this show is developing into a total disaster of an adaptation. People keep saying over and over AND OVER that it "can't be a 1:1 adaptation". No shit, of course not, and I wasn't expect that. But this isn't even CLOSE to being accurate anymore. This isn't even a 1:0.1 adaptation. This is a horrifying imitation of Wheel of Time, like an undead zombie, a vague resemblance of the husk of something, forced to trudge forward and terrorize the world.
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2021.12.03 13:52 BurtonDesque Poland plans to set up register of pregnancies to report miscarriages

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2021.12.03 13:52 NervousEfficiency575 F19 hey pretty face and smoke😏

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2021.12.03 13:52 Msimot how Joel have died

I hated last of us 2 (not because I'm sexcis) but because Joel died in a disrespectful way (killed by a girl). He should of had a heroic death. Here's my way of how it should of happened:
Joel and ellie are surrounded by thousands of zombies, they are standing back to back with shotguns blasting them away by the dozens. Suddenly Ellie (the girl) almost gets bit because she gets distracted, and Joel looks over and he's like "No ELLIE!!!!!!" and he turns and punches the zombie in the face and ellie is like "thanks dad!" And Joel's like "no problem, kid" then he gets BITTEN by one of the hundreds of zombies because he wasn't looking because he was helping ellie the girl from getting eaten and then she's like "NO JOEL You got BITTEN." Then Joel's like "it's too late for me kid, but just so you know, I love you, you're like a daughter to me, especially since my real daughter was killed by the army in my arms. It's like, I've learned to love again. Now go! I'll hold them off"
Then ellie is like "oh no, don't die dad, you cant"
Then Joel is like "dammit kid, just GO! I'm sorry me and your mom got divorced, it wasn't your fault. no I'm not disappointed in you because you're bad at sports im proud that my only son plays video games for 7 hours a day"
Then ellie runs away to safety and all the zombies swarm over dadjoel and he pulls out a grenade and he's like "looks like it's just the last of us....FUCKERS." then he pulls the pin and blows himself up and kills all the zombies.
Hire fans
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2021.12.03 13:52 Junket-Scary What miner should i use

I have two machines one with a GTX 1660 and another with an RX 580 i intend on mining with prohashing as my pool what miners should i use
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2021.12.03 13:52 TrashTozoku [A4A] Yandere 'Saves' Neko From Abusive Owner REMASTER [Kidnapping] [Headpats] [Tied up] [Pampering] [Neko Listener]

This is a remastered version of my Firstever script this is monetizable as long as you credit me as the Scriptwriter
Synopsis for VA: You've been stalking this cute neko for a while now you’ve seen them getting physically and verbally abused by their owner(s) and you finally see a perfect opportunity to take them all for yourself! And to save them away from their horrible owner(s)!
Script can be found here
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2021.12.03 13:52 kvshgodcris Complex and simple materials

What’s the best way to get these I’m tryna make the enhanced conqueror style
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2021.12.03 13:52 flufflebuffle Man being charged after stabbing his boss during safety meeting

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2021.12.03 13:52 zen_mojo_master Eternals w/ cable, emma, Loki

Any other solutions for this Arena defence except for a mirror match? Attacked a guy and lost the coin toss 3x in a row. Dont have AW yet as Scopely delayed him because of OR.
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2021.12.03 13:52 PhantomMAG Can we take a moment to appreciate the art..... one of my favorites in the past year of gwent

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2021.12.03 13:52 Izual_Rebirth Labour and Lib Dems' new strategic relationship will strike fear in Tory hearts

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