NFL Week 8- Allow me to reintroduce myself

The broadcaster said two masked men set a vehicle on fire at the gate of his New Forest home at about 00:30 BST on Friday, causing extensive damage. The Week Unwrapped: Dead ships, film strikes and pandemic travel ... Singapore’s government is facing pressure to reintroduce restrictions after it cut hotel quarantine and started letting in a ... The album's second single, "Make Me Like You", was released on February 12, 2016. This Is What the Truth Feels Like was released on March 18, 2016, and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 with 84,000 album-equivalent units sold in its first week, earning Stefani her first number-one album on the U.S. chart as a solo artist. As social media has evolved and matured, consumers’ thirst and expectation for original, authentic content have increased exponentially… and the world’s biggest brands are no t excused.. Coca-Cola is o ne such brand that has managed to navigate its way through this age of social media enlightenment within FMCG.. Coca-Cola has used various tactics to ensure it ha s maintained a healthy ... A really simple way to do this is to have an anchor week – the week your menstrual cycle starts – and compare the anchor weeks month to month before deciding to make any changes. To illustrate: – Month 1. Week 1 (average weigh-in): 130 lbs. Week 2 (average weigh-in): 131.2 lbs. Week 3 (average weigh-in): 134 lbs ⇒ Anchor week Ever the salesman, the Bronze Bomber says fans will have to tune in and see for themselves, but Scott has spoken in camp and during fight week about how Wilder is a more well-rounded boxer. Recently Concluded Publishing Insider Summit October 18 - 19, 2021, Virtual TV + Video Insider Summit October 11 - 14, 2021, Montauk OMMA Awards October 5, 2021, NYC Source: CNBC, Proshare Research *Data for 8 th October 2021 is as of 5:48pm (Nigerian Time). Outlook. In the coming week, oil prices are expected to be bullish buoyed by global energy crunch. Gold prices are expected to rise marginally in the coming week, after U.S. jobs data came in well below expectations, casting doubts about an immediate start to tapering by the Federal Reserve. MEETEETSE, Wyo. (KIFI) - Wyoming Game and Fish is continuing to aid the recovery of a species once thought extinct. 20 black-footed ferrets were released last week near the town of Meeteetse. Wessex Learning Trust has welcomed back more than 3,000 students to its schools and colleges across Weston and North Somerset as it looks to return to a traditional academic year. The trust held ...

2021.10.27 16:32 tdotpicks NFL Week 8- Allow me to reintroduce myself

Gotta thank the support team for making this all possible.
Experienced QBs have won 68.93 percent at 71-32.
Now let's get back to our winning ways.

+1143.24 for the season
Experienced QB Record for 2 team parlays

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2021.10.27 16:32 Capo_22 Shib I love you 😍 not selling

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2021.10.27 16:32 IIWIIM8 Deadly infection linked to contaminated room spray sold at Walmart | 22OCT21

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2021.10.27 16:32 Phychel Oh. Yes.

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2021.10.27 16:32 4lecagain First Switch purchase

Hi all
I’ve just got my hands on two OLED models for my kids for Christmas.
I’m clueless when it comes to the Switch, or even Nintendo for that matter. I’ve not been involved in gaming since the early days of PS3 and colour gameboy.
My kids are 11F and 5M, what games am I best buying as a starter. They won’t need a full library to begin with, but I would like a range for them to play.
Also, am I right in thinking that for the majority of games, I only need one copy, they could multiplayer on the one device, or share the physical copy of the game between devices and play individually. If that’s the case, I wouldn’t mind finding a few games that they will both be interested in.
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2021.10.27 16:32 jobsinanywhere Mauro Icardi wishes Wanda happy anniversary after 'many dreams lived' with couple back together after claims he cheated

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2021.10.27 16:32 Milkshakemistake How can I reintroduce an aggressive goldfish?

About 21 days ago I got 2 new goldfish for my 60 gal after two of my goldfish died. they are both very small, maybe and inch or so and I had them both in a 10 gallon for quarantine with 2 water changes a week. Water stayed testing good and everything. Until day 9 when I came into my room and saw one of them at the top upside down, if you touched her she could swim properly but her fins were ripped up real bad, tested the water and it was fine but I still did a water change, the other fish was acting normal the whole time, but once I was done with the water change I was watching them and noticed the one was literally biting and ripping bits off the hurt ones fins while the hurt one was trying to swim away. I separated them and they are now in their own 10 gals. The hurt one is doing pretty good now, didn’t eat for a couple day but now eats good, fins are starting to heal back but she still swims a bit weird. But I was wondering when they are done quarantine if I can put them back together when they move to the 60 gal? If so how would I do it? Or will the one just have to live alone forever?
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2021.10.27 16:32 Scary-Cookie-5055 Usually edit my pictures so I have some face dysmorphia and don't really like how I look naturally anymore haha. Guess I'll give this a shot.

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2021.10.27 16:32 ShawnShablinski Why would anyone return an item that took longer to arrive than expected?

(Resubmitted for clarity) I've heard that some people immediately return something they purchased online (NOT something for a specific occasion like a birthday, scheduled event, or anything like that, just returning solely because it "took too long"). I mean you wanted it, so you ordered it, right? I'm not talking about a backordered item that took 3 months to arrive, I mean some places take 7-10 business days for your item to arrive and if it took 2 weeks, what changed in that 4 day window?
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2021.10.27 16:32 OwnEntertainment8524 Ash Kaash ❤️(NEW) Get There Full Album in Comment ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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2021.10.27 16:32 Unagitatedthought112 College professors ignore me at my lowest point

Around 6:00 pm last May, exactly 16 hours before my first final, my father passed away after a two year struggle with prostate cancer just a few rooms away from where my mom and I were watching Breaking Bad. Unfortunately, one of my highest priorities at that moment were my finals. I knew that I would not be mentally salient enough the next day to take my two multiple choice exams and one in-class written exam. I emailed all six of my professors asking for a few days to mourn/celebrate his life. Out of the six of them, only two felt the need to respond and one of them decided I didn’t deserve an extension because of my 79 in the class. I cheated on four of the multiple choice tests, as they were take-at-home tests, and didn't even attempt the two papers
I am only now, a few months into my second year, really processing how fucked this is. Now that my father’s passing is more of a scar than a gushing wound, I'm finally seeing what these professors did to me. But I feel like I'm more in denial than actually angry, so that's why i'm posting here. Is this really how college professors are? Are they actually this cold and unsympathetic towards their students? If I continue for another two and a half years, will I be seeing this same sort of childish and vindictive behavior from people who are decades older than me? I'm genuinely split here, because I want to get a higher degree and pursue a better future for myself, but if the people leading me there are at this level of scummy then I'm not sure if that will be possible for me.
Also, if youve had a similar experience please write something!
TLDR: parent dies and professors didnt seem to give a shit
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2021.10.27 16:32 probdying82 If you can’t buy on coinbase. Move to and give them your business. Don’t let them stall the drive and cost you money

We eating a zero boys…..
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2021.10.27 16:32 BringerReddit Raid Clanboss 'Infinity' Part IV Final (CB6 UNM)

The Team: 3 Buffextender(Krisk, Sandlash, Hellborn), one Shield booster (Brogni) and one DPS (Cadaver)
The Buffextender make all Buffs infinitive. You can use any of them. The ones with a CD greater than 3 should use a Reflexset.
Krisk is super versatile. He brings Ally Protect, Spd and Atk/Def down (passive). I put him in a Stalwart set to migrate some DMG.
Hellborn provides the small weaken and small CR Buff. She has the Shieldset (Itemshield) for the Team.
Sandlash provides the Def Aura. She is in a Guardienset to migrate DMG from the Team.
Brogni is the Star of the Team and mandatory (only Hero who can grow shields) He needs to do as much DMG as possible. The Reflexset and Refresh Assesories assure that he can do his A2 as often as possible
Cadavers A1 profits from the growing shield. His DMG is only affected by the size of the shield and nothing else (affinity, weaken, def down, crit) He is easy to build, he only needs his Speed, lots of Defense and a Stalwartset to keep his Shield as high as possible.
All Masteries are focused on DMG Migration and survivability. Warmaster can boost the DMG from some heroes. But it is only a small percentage of total DMG.
The Deck will run on any Difficulty and any Affinity. Green affinity works the best. On Red Affinity Brognis DMG will suffer and the shield grow will be less.
Minimum Speeds for 2:1 on UNM are (Sand:244, Krisk:285, Hell:268, Brogni:184, Cadaver:195)
AutoAI: All Buffs needs to be cast only once at the beginning of the Fight and could be turned off afterwards. Cadaver only needs his A1.
The Two Shields: There are two kinds of shields in Raid - Itemshields (+) and Spellshields (|) Brognis A2 extends both of them. I have to recast the Spellshield in the second half of the Fight. The timing is only critical for Krisk because otherwise he will fill his Buffbar with one more (useless) Heal.
Because of the general Turn limit (1500) I have to leave the Fight on CB Round 137

Credits to Sharky, VictorTES, DeadwoodJedi
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2021.10.27 16:32 AtlasCarrier Is a VPN (Wireguard or OpenVPN) Possible on a home account?

Over the past couple days, I have been working to setup a vpn into my home network in order to access files and necessary resources on the go(to no success)
I am wondering if this is even possible on a home plan - From my troubleshooting it appears that it is either the router's firewall not allowing access to my network or the ISP itself.
Any help or experiences would be greatly helpful, thank you all in advance!
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2021.10.27 16:32 sriser111 Recruiting all the beautiful helpers for my dear friend with stage 4 cervical.

What a refreshing page. I am just amazed at how reddit can bring like-minded individuals together and I'm going to be visiting more often!
If you are reading this and have extra energy to send out, I have a friend, her name is Angela, who is currently fighting stage 4 cervical cancer and was given a grave diagnosis of "two months to live" ( I have big problems with doctors giving time frames like this, just doesn't feel right)
She has beloved children and a husband, her family is hurting so much and I just want to do everything I can for her energetically and spiritually while she deals with her hospital stay and the constant bad news.
Thank you SO much if you put out energy, I hope anything you give comes back to you ten fold.
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2021.10.27 16:32 Tokita-Niko comickey account?

so i had to make a comickey account to see the recent chapter, and i had to use a free key? does this mean that if im out of keys i cant read kengan anymore/ have to wait on the cooldown? cause that would absolutely suck.
thanks for listening to my speech.
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2021.10.27 16:32 StinkyPete312 Old Tweet from Hillary Clinton Resurfaces, And It Reminds Everyone Why She Wasn’t Elected

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2021.10.27 16:32 elciesativa up close and personal 👀

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2021.10.27 16:32 BananaMonkey7 Medication causing sleepiness?

My 10 year old is prescribed dyanavel XR liquid. All it does it make her drowsy, no other improvements. Has anyone else encountered this? Should I ask for different medication? I've tried lower doses than prescribed but it has no effect.
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2021.10.27 16:32 blkgirltrade Luxury Consignment Shops in Istanbul

I’m going to Istanbul and wanted to check out some luxury consignment shops. Has anyone bought luxury goods from a consignment shop in Istanbul? I don’t want to get scammed so I was going to use my credit card to pay….or should I stick with the boutique.
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2021.10.27 16:32 2NineCZ Found this quite funny

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2021.10.27 16:32 Soph90 Anyone else having anxiety about having anxiety?

My family dynamics are complicated, to say the least. Parents are divorced and remarried, and they don’t speak to each other. They all live in the same town, my hometown.
I moved about 5 hours away since I was 18, never came back. Childhood was relatively traumatic for various reasons. We (me and husband) visit a few times a year, never staying more than a day or two because mentally it’s not great for me.
I’m the oldest of five, so I know my parents are going to become overbearing and weird when we tell them I’m pregnant. The first grandchild! Even though we’re not particularly close, they love pretending that we are.
I don’t know why I let them bother me so much. I just feel so out of control with this whole process. I’m having anxiety about how much anxiety I will have once we tell them. Which I know, is super helpful and healthy right?
My husband and I just really have very different values than they do. I think this is the crux of it. We take covid more seriously than they do. They’re super conservative. Super religious. They have very specific ideas about what moms should and shouldn’t do. I know they’re going to want to visit all the time (no) and be there the day the baby is born (no) and tell me everything I’m doing is wrong. We’re literally considering buying a house about 12 hours away in large part because of them.
My husband is super supportive, and we’re good about being a united front no matter what’s happening with family. I’m very grateful for that. He’s awesome. But for some reason I allow myself to get so stressed about this stuff and it hasn’t even happened yet! Maybe I’m just suffering twice.
Anyone else? Any tips from those who already have kids?
I also want to say I’m super grateful for this group. ❤️
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2021.10.27 16:32 GodzillaForever123 Nicole Kidman

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2021.10.27 16:32 DerHander Vanessa Mai

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2021.10.27 16:32 Xaelito [Jolly] Rookidee, F, 5

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