2021.10.27 15:43 thesnioplu5757 Yarrak

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2021.10.27 15:43 nhljerseyplug Adidas Jerseys For Sale *ALL UNDER $100*

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2021.10.27 15:43 ssk2175 40+ meals !!! Never seen this.

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2021.10.27 15:43 NCC74656 Tried installing a remote starter, can't seem to figure out the diagram. Can anybody help?

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2021.10.27 15:43 taro_potara Me and my friend made this meme he's the one I. The meme I made the gif I hope you like it also me when I'm going to get the chicken nuggies

Me and my friend made this meme he's the one I. The meme I made the gif I hope you like it also me when I'm going to get the chicken nuggies submitted by taro_potara to teenagers [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 15:43 ApplesauceMayonnaise [Spoilers] Is the Devil path completely identical...

Regardless of whether or not you take it starting from the Aeon path or the Azata path?
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2021.10.27 15:43 busterscruggs14 Training unit shot blanks at civilians in city limits

My cousin was coming home from work when he saw a humvee pulled off the road. The second they saw it the gunner flipped the turret around and shot the weapon several times at their truck. The unit which is unidentified to me, was training in the city limits and operating on paved city roads. My cousin has been distraught because the second he saw the flash he threw his hands up and screamed. He and 4-5 others can verify this. They are all shook up. Me being in the guard, I realized that they just might have a case. They were allowing that unit to utilize their parking lot as a courtesy so the unit was not oblivious to who frequents that road. No road guards or barricades or anything indicating that a training exercise was taking place, and the gunner ripped a burst on a public paved road at civilians. Blanks albeit but for a moment they thought they were about to die. If what he said is true, I'm sure they have a case. Any precedent here?
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2021.10.27 15:43 tgriffith1992 If OCSC gets a home playoff game, it will be on 11/6 at 7:00 PM. Get your tickets!

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2021.10.27 15:43 winter_moons Does anything look loose?

This is probably a very long shot, but today I noticed some water on the floor towards the back of the toilet. Not a lot, but enough to make the rug feel wet. I cleaned it up and about 2 hours later there was a bit more water.
When I flush the toilet I don’t see anything obviously dripping or water coming out of anywhere. I was hoping someone could tell me if anything looks loose, and I could just tighten what needs to be tightened myself without having to call someone out.
I have no knowledge of plumbing, the most I’ve ever done is replace the fill valve inside the tank, but I hand tightened the white part on the bottom as far as it would go and nothing else seems obviously loose.
Here are a few photos:
https://img.nickpic.host/gOLp3X.jpg https://img.nickpic.host/gOLvXb.jpg https://img.nickpic.host/gOLmJe.jpg
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2021.10.27 15:43 Drencarnate81 Changes made to Raids the night Witch Hunt was added.

Completed just over 1,200 Hard Raids so far. 7 of 9 losses have occurred since the Raids were altered. Data Theft = Health pool of the Towers was reduced & spawn rate of the bots was increased.
For all the other Raids, the cahanges are pleasant. For Data Theft on Hard difficulty....
Team comp = 3 of us running Retchers & a blueberry.
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2021.10.27 15:43 xs_noize PRINCESS GOES TO THE BUTTERFLY MUSEUM announce intimate UK & EIRE Dates

This Autumn - PRINCESS GOES TO THE BUTTERFLY MUSEUM - will be coming to the UK & Ireland for a series of intimate headline shows.
The electronic project of Michael C. Hall, Peter Yanowitz and Matt Katz-Bohen will be bringing their critically acclaimed 2021 debut album: ‘THANKS FOR COMING’ to the live stage for the very first time.
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2021.10.27 15:43 miawdolan Short and simple

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2021.10.27 15:43 NaotsuguGuardian LF female Combee or Vespiquen FT Any Non Legendary in Pokémon Y or items of your choice

As title says. Depending on your request I may need additional time to catch and or find the specific item you are looking for. Exception being evolution stones. I used pretty much all available to me and it would require a lot of time and or luck to do super training/inver battles to get additional stones. But if you want something ask and I’ll see if I have it or can farm for it.
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2021.10.27 15:43 YouAlreadyShnowww I have about 350k, what should I do with it?

For context: current lineup is 41212 (2) with...
ST: RTTK Isak, RTTK Rodrygo CAM: RTTK Fekir B2B: RTTK Kostic, Gold Goretzka CDM: Gold Casemiro Defense (L to R): Gold Davies, Gold Upamecano, OTW Alaba, Gold Carvajal G: Gold Courtois
View Poll
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2021.10.27 15:43 Vicsilvia What’s the dirtiest text you’ve ever sent or received?

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2021.10.27 15:43 30rca5 Tua Tagovailoa On Lingering Deshaun Watson Rumors: I'm Confident I'm the QB Of The Miami Dolphins

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2021.10.27 15:43 PhilBird69 [Xbox] [H] 27 NCVR [W] 1080c

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2021.10.27 15:43 henryd20 [Free For Profit] Steve Lacy x Thundercat Type Beat - "Indie Tape"

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2021.10.27 15:43 Mordred48 A photo of Keira

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2021.10.27 15:43 DynamicCastle4 Rick and Kira

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2021.10.27 15:43 RecessiveGenius69 What reason are you buying SHIB for?

I am buying SHIB to invest in my future and potentially open a business.
I am new to the SHIB family. I am currently holding 4.2m coins and buying more almost every hour.
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2021.10.27 15:43 Domain_InfiniteVoid a

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2021.10.27 15:43 romain34230 Disney+ Day : date, films et séries exclusifs, voici ce qui vous attend pour cette journée anniversaire

Disney+ Day : date, films et séries exclusifs, voici ce qui vous attend pour cette journée anniversaire submitted by romain34230 to actutech [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 15:43 briannamarie91 Brand new atlas SE tech

Got it in April and today the engine light is on and saying “coolant low, check manual” Is this normal? It’s only a few months old, haven’t even needed an oil change yet. Do I add it myself (and by me I mean my husband lol) or bring it in because it’s a new car with already something going on.
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2021.10.27 15:43 fdkorpima $POND receives GMP compliant certification!

$POND receives GMP compliant certification! Pond Technologies ( $POND.V $PNDHF ) is an ESG biotechnology company that provides an algae growing platform that converts excess C02 emissions into algae-based products to address global sustainability challenges and climate change!
$POND has totally revolutionized the carbon sequestering algae space by using large multi-level tanks for growing algae, rather than the previously used large, outdoor operations that leave the algae exposed and vulnerable.
Today, $POND announced its subsidiary Pond Naturals Inc. has been certified GMP compliant by SCS Global Services under the HACCP-based Good Manufacturing Practices Food Safety Program Standard!
  • Certification includes inspection of the facility and management system against the - Food Safety Program
  • SCS has been a global leader in third-party quality, environmental & sustainability verification for three decades
This is a notable milestone for $POND as it validates its commitment to quality environmental manufacturing practices and allows for an expansion of its production efforts with a focus on driving revenue through additional and existing clients.
Trading at $0.385 CAD with a MC of $18.25M, $POND is insanely undervalued based on its growth potential and revolutionary technology that circumvents the effects of climate change IMO.
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