Uuummm sir….

2021.10.27 15:34 Asbjorn_DK Uuummm sir….

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2021.10.27 15:34 KriXisConsulting Does Spending Money Give Easier Matchups - Case Study

I’m convinced that everything about Pokemon Go is pay to win, I just need help from at least 10 people with the following to gather data: Ultra Prem team of swampert/snorlax/escavalier, $20 worth of pokecoins, time to complete 5 sets of battles over the next 7 days.
If interested please DM me and I will provide a spreadsheet link to begin testing for the potential algorithm variables.
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2021.10.27 15:34 Ok_Froyo8073 .000075. Let's do this

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2021.10.27 15:34 gamerul25 Grey genocide

In which chapter Grey commit genocide?
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2021.10.27 15:34 Adventurous_Art_8202 I need some advice

So I graduate in a year and one thing I really really want to do is to be able to pull up in a nice old muscle car. Like a 68 mustang for example. My only problem is where to store the car. My parents won’t let me put it in the driveway or anything. I was thinking maybe renting a shop or lot at a storage place. Do you guys have any suggestions or ideas. The cheaper the better but I’m open to anything. Thanks:)
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2021.10.27 15:34 eyeless_artist made a little practice animation

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2021.10.27 15:34 MadaniOfficial I put a drill beat over Drip too Hard by Lil Baby ft. Gunna (prod. madani.beats)

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2021.10.27 15:34 OlgaWatercolor Ballerinas - Optical Illusion Skull, me, Watercolor, 2021

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2021.10.27 15:34 amirmahdigamer99 به نظر شما هدف معلوم شان چی است

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2021.10.27 15:34 benmc29 Are there any browsers that support AI upscaling?

I use Firefox to watch most of my films but noticed that this does not support the AI upscaling feature. Is there a browser that does?
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2021.10.27 15:34 GuyOne WE LOVE SHIB AND DOGE TOO BUT 11/11 IS COMING!!!

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2021.10.27 15:34 CowboysNewNewsgoat .0005 is toast!!! Next we are taking off another 0! When’s do you think it will happen?

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2021.10.27 15:34 develasco22 Cleveland team is sued over Guardians name change by roller derby team

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2021.10.27 15:34 TalkingCandle [US][H][Bleeding Hollow] 3/10M - 1 Day Raiding Guild!

Raid Time: Wednesdays, 8-11 PM EST Join Our Discord: https://discord.gg/tqV7K7kfxa
Contact: Discord: Joeschmo#7831 or BNet: Joeschmo#1176
Discord: Sweets#2766 or BNet: Wooly#11267
Our Guild Philosophy
JCS is a casual, once a week, Mythic raiding team that believes in THREE things: That everyone has responsibilities outside of WoW and those come before killing internet dragons
That people should feel free to play the class and spec they enjoy most without feeling pressured to do lifeless machines have deemed "optimal"
That a crab is the ultimate animal and is above any criticism from crab-haters
That lists should always go longer than expected.
Above all, we value the person behind the keyboard and want to welcome you to our family. We are a group of people that love to constantly pretend we're working on Discord and meet up whenever we're in each other's vicinity.
Raid Time
We do, in fact, only raid once a week. Wednesdays 8-11PM EST. We are a Mythic raiding team, or at least that's what we are told.
We provide feasts and cauldrons as well as repairs during the raid. That said, as a Mythic team we do expect people to come prepared and knowledgeable of their class and specs. Since we only have one shot a week, we like to be as efficient as possible on raid day which means: first pull on time, keeping comms clear during boss pulls (trash is the Wild West though), etc.
As for how we determine our roster, we DO NOT have a "core" roster. Everyone plays. Everyone contributes. Everyone hates Ashvane. We rotate people on a schedule to make it fair and keep everyone involved. We believe the best raid team is one that values each member as a full participant in the process. Except Skeezie. He's whatever.
What We Are Looking For
Our ideal raider is committed to maximizing their limited time in-game, is easy-going during raid, loves crab-themed content, and is sociable and accessible on Discord. Long walks on the beach are optional but HIGHLY encouraged. Bad puns will earn you reputation with many different Crabs.
Contact on Discord or BNET (see above). Apply here: https://forms.gle/kCmLucpgFANeCmo77
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2021.10.27 15:34 LinuxAndCoffee Running Linux on ALLDOCUBE iWORK20 2-in-1 Laptop/Tablet

I bought an AllDOCUBE iWORK20 2-in-1 Laptop/Tablet on Amazon with the intent to install Linux on it. According to the Amazon page questions section, the manufacturer claims you can install Linux Mint on it. I stupidly assumed that meant that not only would Linux Mint install and fully function as one would expect it to on a tablet...not so much.
I have tried several other distros and so far Ubuntu seems to work the most out of the box. The only thing that does not seem to work is the auto rotation of the screen. When the keyboard is connected (like the Surface or Galaxy Tab units), the screen is rotated properly and things work fine. Once you take the keyboard off, to use it in portrait mode like to read an ebook or something, the screen does upside down, the touch pen seems to work backward in terms of where it shows on the screen (like everything is reversed). From what I have read, the desktop environment matters more than which distro in regards to the screen issues.
I tried doing some searching and found some things about screen rotation, but nothing worked or made much sense. I have a tech background, but this is outside my normal area of expertise. I have been a Linux user for some time, but the Linux + tablet thing is still new to me. The tablet originally came with Windows 10 if that makes any difference. I appreciate any help or ideas. Here are the distros I already tried if it makes a difference:
- Ubuntu 20.04
- Ubuntu 18.04
- Deepin 20.2.4
- Zorin OS 16 Pro
- JingOS V0.9
- Linux Mint 20.2 (Cinnamon Edition)
- Fedora 34 Workstation
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2021.10.27 15:34 Baies__ IWFTR

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2021.10.27 15:34 Metzir Server Faction Control

Since AGS hasn't provided away to see control on servers for anyone interested in transfer (when ever they come back online) i figured to start a thread so people can do their research with out having to create character, log in, log out, choose new server, repeat.

Current Status of Dominora US-East as of 27 Oct 2021. Need to get us some more Marauders who PvP.
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2021.10.27 15:34 elaborateandwise “Me, sexy? I'm just plain ol' beans and rice.” ― Zen Master Pam Grier

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2021.10.27 15:34 shortorangefish Where are the actual tips?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this latest season has... No tips on what "idyllic ountryside" style actually is. The closest seems to be "a rustic vibe!"
This is only my second season pass purchased, but my first one, "Parisian charm" actually had tips like "use plain walls so the parquet floors really pop" and other actual tips.
What were the other seasons like? Did they give tips/tricks to help hone a style, or were they all like this one where they throw in buzzwords ("Floral! Rustic! Earthy!") that just describe the materials you earn and then leave you to it?
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2021.10.27 15:34 Eastern_Inside_6708 Trying to learn kings matchup and how to break his chain grabs but i dont know how to make the dummy replay them, i know how the replay function works but it doesnt allow me to replay the moves that are darker in the menu, please help

Trying to learn kings matchup and how to break his chain grabs but i dont know how to make the dummy replay them, i know how the replay function works but it doesnt allow me to replay the moves that are darker in the menu, please help submitted by Eastern_Inside_6708 to Tekken [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 15:34 hlince [H] EU/UK ONLY Xbox Game Pass Ultimate [W] Crypto, Brazil Compatible Xbox Game Pass, Playstation Store Credits, Whatever

Recently purchased this code from cardscodes.com but like a fool I didn't pay attention to the region as all of the cards surrounding it were worldwide. I was simply trying to get my Nephew in Brazil an extension to his subscription.
The code is good but I can't use it.
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2021.10.27 15:34 Large_Task9937 The Colour Out of Space

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2021.10.27 15:34 UntitledBurial Bandcamp Halloween Sale - Everything is 60% off by code "halloween2021"

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2021.10.27 15:34 ExaminationWild6826 Alocasia Dragonscale’s new leaf

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2021.10.27 15:34 M0untainHead 4 different strains because M0untainhead Loves Wondrous Variety.

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